The McCarty Group



Jessica & Marc

"We loved our experience with the McCartys.  They worked in our best interest 150%.  In fact, due to Arje's dedication and due diligence, we have the home we are in today...and we LOVE it.  Our house was sold and we had limited time to find a new house but wanted to stay in Dunwoody.  Arje' worked hard with other realtors in her network to help us.  The story goes that she was reviewing the MLS listings on a Sunday and the house we ended up buying had only been entered minutes prior to her search.  We saw it that night and made an offer and now live in the house.  We were blessed by God and with our partnership with Arje'.  She always acted in the most ehtical and dedicated way."

Mike & Heidi

"We have sold our house four times in the last 15 years in the Atlanta region, and this was by far the most well-organized and pleasant experience of all the moves.  Arje' and Jim McCarty were very informative, keeping us abreast of not only what was happening on our house, but also other house sales in our subdivision.  We had a lot of confidence in the selling process and felt that the McCarty team treated us with a very high level of professionalism.  We sold our house within one week, and this in a very tight market!!  The marketing was superb, and the individual attention to our needs much appreciated.  Arje' and Jim took the stress out of selling our house.  We would give them our strongest recommendation for others wanting to sell or buy a house."

Perry & Jackie

"The McCarty Group managed the sale of our home and of our daughter's condo, both within a very reasonable time and at more than acceptable prices.  Arje' and Jim's knowledge of the immediate area, or real estate in general, and their patience helped bring both transactions to a smooth and successful ending."